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With so much on the doorstep, you won't need to drive far to explore Dartmoor National Park.

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

10 Ideas for an economical holiday.

The cost of living increase has affected us all, but one thing is for certain, the cost of fuel has a real sting in its tail for many of us.

For me and my family- we are trying to be far more savvy with our car journeys, how far we go and making outings as efficient as possible.

If you are looking for a holiday, but need to be mindful of money- here are my top 10 tips!

Before You Arrive:

1) Book Direct- You are so welcome to give me a phone call or send me an email anytime, our best prices are always our direct booking prices.

2) Greener Travel- Did you know you can now travel to The Old Railway Cottage by Train and Buss? From Exeter there is now an hourly service to Oakhampton on the train and a Buss that links with the train and goes all the way to The Old Railway Cottage.

3) Bring your bike for exploring the local area, we’re on a cycle route too you know. Cycle hire is also available at Oakhampton.

4) Be organized, if your coming by car, stop off in Oakhampton or Tavistock on route to The Old Railway Cottage. Both towns have large supermarkets, you can get everything you need for your holiday on the way and save unnecessary trips to the shops.

You’ve Arrived! Where to Go and What To See with minimal driving:

5) Lydford Gorge Walk- National Trust so free entry for national trust members. Excellent all day walk along the gorge and back on a beautiful circular walk with a café at each end. Highly recommended by us and only a stone’s throw away from The Old Railway Cottage. milage by car.

6) Lydford Gorge Alpacas- How about a stunning walk on Dartmoor leading a beautiful Alpaca? This is such a lovely activity for people of all ages and the Alpacas walk right past The Old Railway Cottage. There is a fee for this activity, but at least your not travelling by car to get there! 0 milage by car.

7) Gibbet Hill Walk; A beautiful circular walk taking in some lovely views of Dartmoor. Its fairly easy walking, lovely views of Dartmoor and Brentor Church, why not take a pic nic and this walk starts at the front door! 0 milage by car.

8) The Granit Way Cycle Route- Less than a five minute drive in the car to the start of the route if your walking or better still cycle from the cottage. Spectacular cycling and walking along a disused railway like all the way to Oakhampton. You can cycle/ walk back again or catch the buss. This is a fantastic day for taking in some breath taking Dartmoor Views. Why not stop at the Castle Inn for lunch or an early dinner in Lydofrd while your there! Less than 5 minutes of Driving.

9) Dartmoor Tour- Ok- this does involve some driving but we’re going to make it really efficient. Start early- ish.

The Old Railway Cottage to Tavistock, Tavistock is a bustling market town and is well worth a visit. Lots of lovely cafes here for a morning Coffee. Free parking in the town centre for up to an hour (check the signs) and there are short stay car parks.

Tavistock To Widecombe In The Moor, Widecombe is the perfect place for a mooch about. Lovely café’s and Pubs and a village shop. On the way, you drive over the high moor and there is a huge amount to see. Stop at Dartmeet on the way to see the clapper bridge.

Widecombe In The Moor to Postbridge Via Grimspound. Take the short walk to Grimspound to see this amazing Bronze Age settlement. It’s a short walk but up a bit of a hill. Stop in Postbridge to see another stunning Clapper bridge. Postbridge to Powdermills- lovely short walks here round the old gunpowder factory. Powdermills to Two Bridges, lovely walking to Wistamins Woods from here and then from Two Bridges back to The Old Railway Cottage by Tavistock picking up any food supplies you might need. It’s a 55 mile drive- yikes that does sound a lot, but this route takes in so much and gives you a chance to really see a lot of Dartmoor. 55 miles by car.

10) Now is you have any energy left after that itinerary, then how about a walk up to Great Links Tor. This starts from The Dartmoor Inn and is a less than five minute drive away from The Old Railway Cottage. And they great thing is about this walk is that it finishes at brilliant pub- The Dartmoor Inn, stop here for local beers and excellent food. than 5 minutes of Driving.

There is a huge bookshelf full of guides and maps for exploring Dartmoor and beyond at The Old Railway Cottage, and Becky is always on hand to offer suggestions and advice to guests on the best places to explore.

Oh! we're going to HAVE to go for number 11- can't leave Brentor Church out!

11) Brentor Church. Just a short drive from The Old Railway Cottage or a goo hike also from the front door. This iconic church sits in the most magnificent setting and offers a lovely place to explore and sock in views. 3 miles by car.

This is by no means an ‘no driving’ holiday, and remember I’ve crammed a lot in to a one week stay. But lets not forget, it’s a holiday and you’re here to relax. How about a slow morning bird watching from the garden, coffee in hand. Our kitchen is really well equipped so how about enjoying some cooking, maybe treating yourself to something special. Indulge in spending an afternoon reading a book in the shade of the willow tree in the garden, a G&T would be nice there too! What about a BBQ- there’s one for you to use!

If you have any questions about your stay- I absolutely love talking about Dartmoor National Park

(Can you tell?) so give me a call 07807809329 or send me an email

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