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The Year 2020!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Well where on earth do I start? Quite frankly it has been a year so such uncertainty, worry and a massive change of life for us all. Never did I ever think that this is what we would be facing in our first year of business. However, this has not been a bad year for us, and for me, turning the forced closure earlier in the year into a positive thing was a priority. You may have been following us on Facebook and seen how we have transformed the parking space. This originally was on the grass opposite the cottage but presented problems come winter time when it was wet and muddy. With time on our hands and the cottage unoccupied, we set about digging out the parking space, filling this very big hole with hardcore and finishing it with beautiful granite cobbles. We had some cobbles left over, so why stop there, a new pretty cobbled pathway now leads to the front door too. I pride the cottage on being an amazing winter holiday cottage with a cosy log burner for crisp or wet days, so I am thrilled that this essential job is done!

Also, on the list to do was to put the picture rail up. We had planned this for the initial renovation but in reality, we had run out of steam and were worried about putting holes in the newly painted walls. Now there was no excuse- we had plenty of time and I can not tell you how pleased I am that we completed both bedrooms.

The cottage has high ceilings and this detail not only looks beautiful, but brings the ceiling height down a little and makes the rooms feel cosy.

We have completed a number of other jobs on the cottage, to keep it perfect for our guests and we have some ideas for the very near future to add to the garden amongst the wildflower meadow.

Re opening and cleaning for Covid-19 has had an effect of sorts. When we renovated the cottage it was designed to be cleaned easily, and so with our extra measures, we are really confidante that our guests will find the cottage faultlessly clean, and that’s a standard we intend to keep- even after Covid.

So while Covid-19 might be stopping the 'normal', I am determined to be making the best out of a bad situation, and what ever the future throws at us. So far tis part of the summer has been good, with a number of guests enjoying this lovely rural holiday cottage on the edge of the moors in Dartmoor National Park. We remain flexible, responsible and hopeful. Don't be afraid to book a holiday or short break with us, if Covid messes up your plans than we can always refund you, or change the dates of your holiday.

Stay Well, Stay Safe & Keep planning your next adventure!

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