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New Walls, Paint & Hard Graft Pay Off

It’s been quiet from me on the blogging front. Our little cottage in Lydford and in truth been far from the quiet and calm place we intend it to be when its finished. We have been working hard, with meeting our deadlines and making fantastic daily progress. There has been A LOT of painting, but the hard work is starting to pay off. This week end was a particular flurry of progress as my Dad Jim, mother in law Sally and friend Helen came out in force. At one point on Saturday we had my dad making a door, Sally making curtains, I was painting, Rob fitting the new smart heaters, Helen was filling, painting and sanding PLUS three- yes THREE dogs and a baby Lucy in a hive of activity in our little two bedroom holiday cottage.

This week Rob and Dad built the new railway station inspired wall. Replacing probably an original wall and putting back in the only cupboard in the entire cottage. Its certainly made the lounge feel a little smaller but its far more true to the cottage and the space under the stairs wasn’t really useable anyway. And the big plus is there is a huge cupboard to house hoovers, drying racks, cots, artist easel’s and so on.

My mother in law Sally did the most wonderful job of making the curtains. We went to the fabric shop in the pannier market in Tavistock where we brought the loveliest fabric. Sally did a far better job than I ever could and the quality really shows!

Amongst the work, Dad’s car was playing up. My reaction to this was ‘O good! Now you can stay longer!’ ….Dad not particularly happy about this suggestion.

Dad and Sally did stay and extra night which meant that Dad was able to build us some lovely shelves in the kitchen.

I’ve been painting, painting and yet more painting and while I was aiming for a smart and characterful cottage but I am really struck at how beautiful its becoming. I might be biased but its lovely to see this sad, dull cottage becoming so bright, warm and loved! I have a bit of a thing for old neglected buildings and so far its been quite a journey with this one.

It’s a big week this week with lots of this happening but so far so good and we are well on track!

(Excuse the bad joke!)

Thank You 'A' Team!

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